Scratch That

I have this vision in my mind of making meals with ingredients fresh from the garden, homemade and home grown. That’s the dream. As someone who loves knowing how to do things herself, like buying lumber to build a bed frame rather than buying one ready to be assembled, I appreciate the work, and oftentimes failures, that go into creating something I can be proud of. I enjoy the process, though sometimes tedious, and the ability to say, “I did that myself”. I like taking the opportunity to slow down in the kitchen and put the effort in, even if it doesn’t turn into a delicious meal, but rather a learning experience. If you’re like me, you understand the joy that comes from successfully making something from scratch. If you’re human, you probably know that sometimes you have to scratch or scrap the original plan for homemade pizza and order it instead. We all make mistakes. It’s okay. Keep trying.

My aim is to make you feel comfortable and confident in your abilities to make a meal from scratch, no smoke detectors going off or cakes not fully baked. And if something does get messed up, remember, it’s only failure if you don’t learn from it. Reflect, try again, and don’t be too hard on yourself.