Eating for Energy (and Sometimes Indulgence)

Growing up, I was always a steak and potatoes kind of girl. I’m pretty sure the only vegetable I actually liked was corn. Even today, there are too many days where I wonder if I even ate a vegetable at all. I know, that’s terrible. It’s not that I hate vegetables, I just struggle to consume them regularly since I don’t eat them quickly and rarely feel full from them. Although I can be a pickier eater, the look and smell of something can make or break my interest in it, and I’d like to expand my cuisine comfort zone, I mostly want to focus on creating meals that give you energy. Once upon a time, when I was watching what I ate a bit more, I came to realize that certain foods make you feel awake while others make you feel ready for a nap, like my beloved burgers. Since I do enjoy nap-inducing foods, including sweets, I will include those too, but focus more on proper portions of them. I’ll say it once, but I’ll probably say it again, share your sweets! If you have a family that can’t control their sweet tooth, like mine, split up your baked goods and gift them to others. This way everyone can enjoy it without anyone over indulging.

What I plan to do is keep things relatively short. Not sure about you, but I don’t enjoy reading 13 paragraphs about how someone reached the perfect pancake recipe. I also am not a fan of scrolling through all of those paragraphs to get to the recipe. I want to change that up. I’ll be posting a photo to hopefully entice you, followed by the ingredients, directions, and THEN any information that is necessary and helpful for you to recreate it. Please bear with me if my food photos are subpar. I’m sure there will be plenty of room for improvement. Lastly, as I mentioned, I can be a pickier eater and am used to blander foods, which I’m wanting to change. If you’re someone who loves soups, meatloaf, squash (bad memories), onions or anything coffee-infused, this is probably not the spot for you. They might make an occasional appearance, though.


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