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What I overthink think about. Journaling over the past few years has helped me appreciate my point of view. This is a place to share what I’ve discovered along the way in hopes that someone can relate and perhaps see things from a new perspective. What I have to say is not intended to be advice, unless it resonates and feels right to be taken as such. Welcome to my noggin! (P.S. Posts are categorized by my age at the time they were written. I wanted to have an easy to access time capsule to see how I change over the years.)

Scratch That

Recipes and cookbook recommendations. Here you will find recipes I’ve created or tried and altered (giving credit to other sources when its due), and my favorite cookbooks.

Activities & Learning

Stuff to keep your brain busy. I’m a big believer that the more fun and interesting you can make learning, the better it is for everyone. I also imagine that the fun things we did as kids to help us learn can be applied throughout our life. Here I hope to create a useful resource to get people excited to learn and be able to retain the information they’ve processed.

Tips & Tricks

Things to consider. I’ve always been an observer and a puzzle solver. I will never claim to have all of the answers, but over the years, my observations and puzzle solving have led me to insights I feel are worth sharing. Here you can find ideas on relationships, exercise, nutrition, style, money, and more. I promise to do my best to keep them short and sweet.